Videos from September 12, 2001

vo.pataki.tours.cnn.med.asx - New York Gov. George Pataki tours the site where the World Trade Center once stood
gc.ny.shutdown.cnn.med.asx - After the attack on the World Trade Center, the city that never sleeps shut down. CNN's Greg Clarkin reports
rq.global.markets.cnn.med.asx - CNNfn's Richard Quest reports on the market impact in Europe and Asia following attacks in NYC
nr.kabul.taliban.cnn.med.asx - CNN's Nic Robertson has more on the developments in Afghanistan after the attacks on the U.S.
clinton.statement.affl.med.asx - Former President Bill Clinton speaks out about the attacks on Tuesday while in Australia
df.ny.firefighter.cnn.med.asx - Hundreds of firefighters who entered the World Trade Center to rescue victims are missing and feared dead. CNN's Deborah Feyerick reports
tg.la.blood.donor.cnn.med.asx - In cities like Los Angeles, people are rolling up their sleeves to help victims in New York. CNN's Thelma Gutierrez reports
gt.ems.rescuers.cnn.med.asx - CNN's Gary Tuchman talks to EMS personnel during the search and rescue mission in NYC
vo.nyc.aftermath.cnn.med.asx - Workers plow through the rubble in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack in New York City