Subject: I love you



This is a little personal note to all of my friends.


There has been a terrible disaster among us and I pray that none of you

are effected.  If you are my prayers go out to you.


The power of prayer is an amazing thing.  I am asking that all of you

pray.  Pray for our nation, pray for the world of souls that exist among

us on this God made planet.  This situation is only going to get worse

and we must be strong and we must bind our hearts and rise with love.  I

truly believe that love prevails.  I truly believe that this is a test.

Please don't allow this time to break you.  Let it strengthen you.


I love all of you.  There is a reason you are on this list.  I want you

all to know in some way you have touched my life.  Don't be afraid.  We

are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  We will always be together.

Let that be your strength.


Please don't be angry.  Pray even for those who are so disillusioned

that they feel that death and destruction is an act in Gods name.  Pray

that the souls of every man, woman and child will find their way to God

no matter what the color of their skin,  the language they speak, the

religion they practice.....no matter what their differences may be.  We

are all Gods children.


I urge you to purchase a US flag.  Fly it outside your house, window of

your apartment, anywhere.  Let it be a symbol of a Christian nation that

strives for peace and freedom.  Remember that we are Americans, and in

America we have the freedom to believe in God and worship him freely if

that is what we choose.  We have the freedom of choice.  That is worth

fighting for.


God Bless....I love you, each and everyone.